ZeroDarkWeb investigates leak simulation of 30 South Korean manufacturers. Approximately 230,000 account information leaks detected

ZeroDarkWeb, a dark web leak information monitoring service, conducted a mock survey on the status of dark web information leakage among manufacturing companies in six domestic industries. As a result, 230,000 e-mail account leaks and malicious code-infected PCs were confirmed.

Approximately 237,767 leaked account information, and 1,721 devices suspected of being infected with malicious code

It was detected. Machines account for outflows by industry is the largest with 123,422 cases. It was followed by food and beverage with 63,153 cases, chemical with 26,634, steel with 20,242, pharmaceuticals with 4,911, and medical precision with 1,126.

The number of infected devices was 1,031 for machinery, 478 for food and beverage, 105 for steel, 70 for chemistry, 35 for pharmaceuticals, and 4 for medical precision.

Information leakage was found in 29 of the 30 manufacturing companies that conducted the simulation. If you are aware that account information is leaked to the dark web, it is recommended to immediately replace the passwords of important sites and strengthen the security authentication process to protect the leaked personal information. The secondary leak should then be blocked by identifying and blocking the leak path through security experts and specialized companies.

Above all, it is important to use dark web monitoring solutions to continuously identify leaks.

In the case of the zero-dark web, there is an option to monitor based on keywords such as the name and document number of the drawing in consideration of the characteristics of the manufacturing industry. In addition, recent updates have enhanced the ability to display the name of the PC if there is an infected PC.

To commemorate the opening of the Zero Dark Web, we are receiving applications for sample reports that can check whether dark web information has been leaked. Applications are accepted through the website, and applications can be made only by e-mail. 

Sample reports can also check information that is important to corporate security, such as the number of leaked emails, documents, and login accounts and the number of devices suspected of malicious code infection.

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