JIRANSOFT Launches Domestic Distribution of “ZeroDarkWeb,” A Dark Web Leaked Information Monitoring Service

JIRANSOFT announced that it will start the domestic distribution of Zero Dark Web in cooperation with Igis Tech, a Japanese security consulting company. 

ZeroDark Web is a service that monitors and reports corporate information leaked on the dark web in real time, and will be released simultaneously in Japan and Korea.

It provides more sophisticated information because experts and automation programs analyze 220,972,774,374 dark web data accumulated so far and 58,169,007,487 leaked data. In addition, it is convenient for non-experts to use even if they are not security experts because it is provided as a report that is easy for non-.

Reports provide information that is very important to corporate security. Basically, △ You can check leaked emails and documents. Access information such as △ID and password can be checked, and △ IP that causes leakage can be detected to find devices suspected of malware infection.

It doesn’t just tell you the problem. In addition to the recommendations of security experts, it is possible to easily respond to information leakage even if there is no security officer in the company. Secondary accidents can be prevented simply by isolating login information or hacked devices.

The report is sent with an alarm when leaked data is found, and even if there is no leakage, a regular report is sent once a week.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by IGIS Tech on the zero dark web in February, it was confirmed that most of Japan’s top 100 companies leaked dark web information. More than 450,000 accounts were leaked, and more than 30% of companies confirmed that in-house documents were leaked.

To commemorate the opening of the Zero Dark Web, we are receiving applications for sample reports that can check whether dark web information has been leaked. Applications are being accepted through the website, and applications can be made only by e-mail. Sample reports also provide important information for corporate security, such as the number of leaked emails, documents, and login accounts and the number of devices suspected of malware infection.

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