Here are 10 interesting SaaS startups in 2022

Clockwise Software, a Javascript-based app development company, recently posted on its blog about the 10 fastest-growing SaaS startups in 2022.

No specific criteria have been proposed for the selection of 10 companies. From the perspective of development experts, it can be seen as an example of interesting SaaS companies in ideas and approaches. Personally, I’ve never heard of them before, but I thought the business model was fresh, so I summarized the contents.

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First of all, it is a Setapp.

SetApp is a service for macOS and iOS that allows developers to access an increasing collection of software through a single subscription and a user interface (UI). Developers who use the Setapp do not need to buy separate licenses or manually install individual software.

As of July 2022, Setapp has access to more than 200 apps, including macOS and iOS. In addition, the number of users of the set app exceeded 1 million, and annual recurring sales (ARR) exceeded 1 million dollars in three months after its launch.

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Marketing SaaS startup provides AI-based services that enable companies and agencies that need to write blog posts, likable e-mails, and brands to create sentences, texts, and slogans they need. structure is as follows. Users enter simple titles and keywords and set tones and goals. And if you tell me the main points of the text, creates the text and provides it for the user to edit again. If there is anything to fix, you can fix it and release it. It is said that is also using famous brands such as Microsoft, Tesla, and eBay.

Sparrow charts is a machine learning-based social media marketing tool. It collects information on user behavior and movements across various sources so that marketers can look at the results analyzed on a single tab. Accordingly, the user does not have to use various marketing tools to analyze various social platforms. Sparrow Charts is integrated with 13 services including Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, and MailChimp. The goal is to add new platforms every month.

The main specialty of OrdersCo is to provide restaurants with the tools and partnerships needed to manage and automate the food delivery process. OrdersCo is integrated with famous local delivery services such as Postmates, Grubhub, and DoorDash, and provides restaurants with an integrated order list. Through this, restaurants can increase take-out-related sales while managing menus and orders on one device, according to the company.

Virtually is focused on providing tools for organizing online education for groups and individuals. It provides dashboards, online classrooms, chat, and simple payment systems necessary here. Users can choose and write what they need among various online programs such as live las and training camps. Virtually is also integrated with Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, and Stripe, a B2B payment service. Educational institutions such as online school operators can also monitor individual student attendance and activities through Virtualization. Virtually will also develop and provide APIs to simplify integration with other services.

Qobra is a sales compensation platform that enables companies to effectively operate commission models. Qobra provides an automated and centralized management environment for processes to reduce manual mistakes in relation to commissions. Organizations can set rules for commission calculations in advance and manage disputes. Qobra can calculate commissions in real time by synchronizing with various data sources such as Salesforce, Snowflake, Google Big Query, PostgreSQL, Hubspot, and Slack. It seems to be a suitable service for sales managers and sales operation managers in the company.

Yac is a messaging platform for teams that work remotely a lot. It also provides an audio transcription (transcription) system that allows you to record voice messages quickly and is searchable. Based on this, users can communicate and discuss various topics without scheduling a meeting in advance. As an alternative to real-time communication, it seems particularly suitable for communication with colleagues working in different time zones. is an AI-based cybersecurity platform that helps prevent data leakage. The company explains that AI is used to detect invisible risks and remove them before they harm the system.
To this end, SeedData uses trick techniques that allow hackers to interact with fake data, such as user real data.

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Phyllo provides a universal API for creator data. Service companies related to Influencer marketing and content creators are targeted. Through the API provided by Phyllo, companies can access proven information about collaborating creators. This information is collected across various social platforms.

Lately is an AI-based service that can more effectively post social media posts. Lately analyzes the content posted by customers to find out which ones elicit the best response. Based on this, we implement an optimized writing model. The company explains that users can upload content that can get more shares, likes, and comments through this. Lately also offers tools such as post-scheduling, index analysis, and video audio transcription.

SaaS startups mentioned this time are just in the process of releasing and growing services. Considering that it has just begun, there will be places that continue to show sustainability, but there will also be places that will flash and disappear. Some companies are likely to be sold to existing tech companies. If there are companies that are increasingly heavy in the future, we plan to introduce them in more detail next time.

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by Sasquachi

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