New AI Chatbots Bring Advancements as Well as Drawbacks

AI chatbots are undoubtedly the future of social media. With the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, social media platforms and other communication tools have been quick to release their own AI bots. 

Discord, the messaging application that has become one of Gen Z’s most popular online hangout destinations, announced in March that they would be releasing their own AI bot – an automated AI moderator. AI is not new to Discord – nearly 3 million servers on the platform have third-party AI bots integrated into their community. However, like many other social media sites, Discord is starting to bring its own AI directly onto the platform. 

One of the first AI features Discord itself is introducing is Automod AI, which will automatically moderate servers (which is not new) while also considering the context of a conversation so users aren’t wrongly penalized or banned. 

Discord’s infamous Clyde bot will also be receiving an AI upgrade. Similar to Chat GPT and Google Bard, the Discord bot will be able to answer questions from users by pulling up and finding information. 

These new features being added to the platform – following the recent trend of AI implementation into communication tools – will most certainly improve the user experience. 

Discord is not the only communication platform just recently releasing its own AI. My AI, the messaging app Snapchat’s new chatbot, rolled out in February and was met with mixed reviews. 

Snapchat’s My AI is a lot more straightforward compared to Discord’s bots – it runs on Open AI’s GPT technology and is designed to answer questions of a user. From its initial launch, the addition of My AI proved great for the company. According to Bloomberg News, “Snap Inc. has attracted more than 3 million users to its Snapchat+ subscription service, a $3.99-a-month offering that provided early access to features like its new artificial intelligence chatbot.”

However, not everyone is keen on the new changes. Countless videos on social media sites like Tiktok garnering millions of views highlight people expressing frustrations about Snapchat’s My AI. From difficulties of unpinning the AI on the display to speculations of privacy violation, many reviews of the chatbot show negativity. 

My AI has also been under fire for providing unsafe responses to Snapchat’s users – many of whom are teenagers. While Snapchat, in a statement, announced that only 0.01% of statements from My AI were “deemed non-conforming,” the new chatbot is viewed in the public eye as something far from perfect. The AI market in social media is just starting to explode – with the market projected to reach $12 billion by 2031. As platforms start to roll out their own chatbots, they must observe the services and conveniences it provides to users while also being fully wary of the negative side effects they may bring. 


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