Spreading HR SaaS …Evolve into a B2B SaaS version of a super app?

With it getting harder to find people to use, many companies are also paying a lot of attention to benefits as part of recruiting new employees and keeping good talent already in. The weight of employee benefits in corporate HR strategies is increasing.

In this environment, HR SaaS solutions focusing on benefits are also increasing, and one of them is Cobee, a Spanish startup that recently attracted $41 million in investment.

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Manage benefits from apps at once…Link with credit cards

Cobee is an employee welfare management platform available on websites and mobile apps. Employees have a dashboard to manage everything related to benefits. In a space based on this, you can look at and utilize the company benefits available from gyms to insurance products and vouchers

Users can check the benefits they use and the list of benefits organized by item through the app. Cobee also offers physical and virtual cards to support situations in which commerce is included or where costs have to be paid on-site.

Benefits used without cards, such as health insurance plans and education, are calculated and automatically integrated with salaries and deducted from the employee’s salary.

Cobee is currently covering benefits such as meals, transportation, daycare, education, gift cards, rentals, and life and health insurance, which he says will soon add a broader range of welfare options.

Cobee can ease the burden on HR staff as well as employees. The company explains that companies that use Cobee can reduce management burdens and document work and increase branding.

Cobee is currently operating mainly in Spain and Portugal. It has secured more than 800 customers in these regions, including large companies and small and medium-sized companies. With this investment, the company plans to expand its territory to Latin American and southern European markets that speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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A super app model that is also attracting attention in the B2B SaaS ecosystem

Cobee is not the only HR SaaS startup that focuses on benefits. Many startups in various countries have already entered the market.

According to TechCrunch’s report, Swile, a French company, was recognized by Softbank for $1 billion last year and attracted investment, while Forma, a U.S.-based company, also received $40 million earlier this year. Likewise, HealthJoy, a Chicago-based company, received $60 million in investment last month. Perkbox is also a startup that works in the UK with HR related to benefits.

Regarding differentiation, Cobee emphasizes that it is a flexible platform. It is a shill name that both companies and employees can use without much friction in various types of companies and countries.

The rise of companies such as Cobee should be noted from the perspective of the super app. In the field of tech, super apps are known to mean apps that can use multiple services at once like WeChat, but these days, the word super app is also quite used in the B2B SaaS market.

In the B2B SaaS market, super apps mean that they cover everything as much as possible for certain processes in the company like Cobee. In the future, some predict that the B2B SaaS super app will focus on specific areas and evolve to work in conjunction with the core business of the company, so-called mission critical. Cobee’s case is also connected to the corporate HR systems. Regarding B2B SaaS and super apps, we plan to deal with them separately in the future.

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