ZERODARKWEB Participates in Asia’s Largest Cybersecurity Exhibition “Cyber Security World”

ZERODARKWEB, a dark web leak information monitoring service, announced that it participated in the “Cyber Security World 2023” held in Singapore and completed the booth operation successfully.

Cyber Security World is Asia’s largest cybersecurity exhibition. It is held annually at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and more than 400 companies and organizations from around the world participate to showcase the latest cybersecurity technologies and solutions.

ZERODARKWEB has had as many as 680,000 leaks found in free sample reports provided to interested customers at the same time as leading companies have begun introducing the company since it began distributing in Korea in June. Based on this, it participated with the plan to target the Asian market as well.

The booth operation of this exhibition introduced the malware infection device detection function that leaks information on the main function of ZERODARKWEB β–³ email account information leaked on the dark web β–³ password information leaked on the dark web β–³ document data leaked on the dark web β–³ information leaked on the dark web.

Recently, corporate information leakage and cyber attack accidents have frequently occurred on the dark web, raising the interest of security officers. As a result, interest in the ZERODARKWEB booth was also different. Visits to apply for sample reports and consultations continued steadily, and even after the booth operation was terminated, the steps did not stop.

There was also a moment when I had to wait for product introduction and consultation. In this case, the NFC tag provided convenience by allowing you to apply for a sample report or check the product introduction on the waiting visitor’s smartphone.

The response of visitors to the booth was mainly that they did not know there was a service that detects leaked information on the dark web and provides it as a report, and that it was fresh, unlike general anti-virus programs.

JIRAN APAC, who was in charge of the exhibition, said, “We recently showed a lot of interest and applied for a sample report as it is a problem due to frequent leakage of information from companies on the dark web,” adding, “We hope that the operation of this exhibition will allow the products of ZERODARKWEB and the JIRAN Family to receive a lot of attention from overseas.”

ZERODARKWEB provides free sample reports to check for dark web information leakage. Applications are accepted through the website, and domestic companies can apply only by e-mail.

Sample reports can also check information that is important to corporate security, such as the number of leaked emails, documents, and login accounts and the number of devices suspected of malicious code infection.

More information is available on the ZERODARKWEB website (

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